Complete bathroom design and installation

Countertops – laminate, granite, quartz, etc.

New bathroom construction

Sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and fixtures

Bathroom vanity cabinets

Shelving and storage solutions

Bathroom cabinetry and drawers

Under cabinet lighting

Backsplashes and tile work

Guides, hinges, pull-outs, knobs

Crown molding, baseboards, wainscotting, trim, etc.

They may be one of the smaller rooms in a house, but everyone knows that a bathroom is often one of the most important and regularly used rooms. If your bathroom is suffering from years of wear and tear and is ready for a makeover, then Kitchen Rescue is the right choice. With our knowledge and expertise, we can handle bathroom projects of any size and budget, from a simpler bathroom redesign or cabinet refacing, to creating a completely new luxurious, spa-like retreat.

These stunning bathroom transformations will be sure to motivate you to take your bathroom to the next level. Tell us if you discover some preferred features or designs for your next bathroom renovation project with Kitchen Rescue.

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